New Beginnings

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog.

Hey guys you may know me as Talia Tat’z Tips. I am blogging again and I am so ecstatic to share what’s been going on with me and my nail life.

First, off I missed blogging. I miss my fans and many friends that I have.

Unfortunately, I am not employed with Tat’z Nail’z. The company and I grew up and grew apart. I do wish them the best in all that they do.

In other news. I started my own company called Talia’s Nail Production and I am loving life as an entrepreneur. In my business I am dedicating myself into helping employees of the cosmetology to better themselves where they feel they may need improvement. I help with goal setting, education, and etc.

Plus, I got the opportunity to work at the best Beauty school ever Xenon Intl school. This is a new journey and I will be happy to share with you.

With this I will blog every which is Terrific Tuedays and Typical Talia Thursday.

I have so much to share it’s unbelievable. I am so glad to be back. Blogging for me is a natural it releases a lot of stress. When you finish blogging it has a sense of newness after you done with an entry.

Guess what guys…. I have received a great link from Day Spa Association with the 2015 tradeshows worldwide. Click link below.

2015 Cosmetology Industry Tradeshows Worldwide

I think that is all I have to blab about today… Check me out every Tuesday and Thursday.

Thanks for reading my blog…

Sincerely, Talia


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