Let’s do some nails?

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome back to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog. I am glad you are joining me today. So excited to do my first tutorial on my new blog. First let me apologize for not posting a blog on THURSDAY I been sick with the flu and plus I been working. So I do apologize.

So my first tutorial will be on artificial nails (press-on nails) and how to make them last longer.

Who would this benefit? Clients who are allergic to acrylic enhancements, girls under 13 for the simple fact that acrylics are too harsh for childrens nails. Anyone who does not have time to go to a nail salon.

What you will need:
Press on nails
Nail glue
Cotton balls/q-tip’s
Cuticle pushers
Your choice of nail lacquer

Step by Step Tutorial


So, here are the press on nails I am using today they are L.A Colors Full Cover Square press on nails.


Next, you will size the artificial press on nails to your natural nail make sure that the artificial l nail is covering your natural nail. Next using a cuticle pusher push back those cuticles.


Using your file have your natural nails. Next you will buff the shine off your nails.


Next, remove dust from your nails using a manicure brush. Saturate your cotton ball with dehydrator or alcohol. Let nails turn chalky white before you continue onto the next step


I am using krazy glue. It works better for my nails. However apply a dot of glue on your nails then apply your nails.

File the free edge to desired length.

Next you will polish using you desired nail lacquer.

Apply top coat
Apply cuticle oil

You can use gel lacquer with this process as well.

Well, guys I hope you enjoy my tutorial today and blog. May you enjoy your weekend.


Sincerely, Talia


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