My hair care regimen

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome back to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog. I am glad you’re joining me today! This week definitely flew by geez!

So, I have been getting a lot of feed back regarding my natural hair and what’s MY regimen so I will be telling you today.

So wash day I use coconut shampoo and conditioner


I wash my hair once a month and I only wash my hair once I know people say wash YOUR hair twice but I DON’T because I feel like it strips my hair of it’s natural oils. I dry my hair with a t-shirt because a bath towel will cause frizzy hair and split ends. Who has time for that buffoonery? Not I!

After washing and conditioning hair I use a rat tail comb to part my hair put my hair into four ponytails once hair is into 4 sections I put Hawaiian Silky Leave in conditioner on my hair then use the wide tooth comb to comb my hair start combing hair from the bottom to the top its much easier. Once that section of hair is combed out put oil of your choice onto hair then i braid my hair into to strand braids and then i clip any fray hair then i pull my braids and snip those dead ends.





I wear my natural out for a couple of weeks. Then, I wear my protective styles for a month or so & then start my hair care regimen again.

Protective hair styles are styles where you are protecting you natural hair from everyday wear & tear damage.

Here are some of my protective styles




My hair has grown like a weed with this regimen & when you start a hair care regimen it will take time to customize your own routine but when you figure out what works for you you and your hair will be happy and healthy.

Well, guys this is all for this blog today. I can’t wait to blog with you more i have so much to talk about.

Sincerely, Talia


How long you should keep your nail products

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome back to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog. I am glad you’re joining me today. I hope all is well with my readers.

Today’s topic is on how long to keep your nail products.

Tammy Taylor one the nail industry’s legends have great advice that is very valuable and may enhance your service you provide to your clients


Acrylic: Liquid = monomer and Powder = polymer

Expiration or Shelf life:
Rule of thumb: Rotate your product supplies at least every 6 months.  With proper “storage”, your acrylic products can last at least 30 months, un-opened.  

1. Although we do not have an expiration on the bottles, our products have a very long shelf life.  With the acrylic (liquid & powder): if product makes a good ball and does not look yellow, it should be good to use.

2. From the time of purchase, your Tammy Taylor liquid and powder should be able to last at least one year to 30 months, with proper storage.
– Storage 1: Store in a closed dark cabinet, in a cool location.  Do not put your cabinet near a heat source.
– Storage 2: Store liquids on the upper shelves, because any fumes that may be released will float upwards.
– Storage 3: Store powders on lower shelves so they do not collect any fumes from any liquids, because fumes rise upwards.

Storage 3a: Do Not store powders & liquids on the same shelf, as powder can collect fumes from any liquids within proximity; and always store liquids above dry products.

3. Refilling your “smaller” containers:
– Caution: “Never” pour liquid from a “smaller” bottle “into” a “larger” bottle!
– Example: Pouring from your 4 oz. bottle back into your 8 oz. or 16 oz. bottle can be a source of contamination; thus contaminating the “larger” bottle.
– Note: It is commonplace in this business to refill your 4 oz. size from your 8 oz. or 16 oz. bottle’s, because the 4 oz. size is usually what a Technician will keep at their work Station.

4. Liquid contamination: The Tammy Taylor Nails monomer (nail liquid) should flow and have the consistency of water.  When the liquid starts to get thick or starts to get a darker color, it is either getting old or contaminated. 

– Note on liquid: If the liquid starts turning an orange color, it is becoming contaminated. 

– 4a. Is the liquid good? 
When working with the acrylic liquid & powder, on the Practice Sheet; if it makes a good ball and does not look yellow, the liquid should be okay.

5. Powder contamination: If the top of the powder gets a crust on it, or the powder looks slightly brownish; it is becoming contaminated on the surface. 
– Remedy: Scrape off the top crust carefully, and the powder underneath should be okay.

6. A Big Caution Note on “Loaning”: Your products are the tools of your business.  Your tools are how you make an income.  Your income pays the bills. Do Not LOAN your Tools.
   – 6a. When you do not have a certain tool, and your TIME being critical, you could be out of work for a period of TIME, or at least get way behind on your clients.  TIME is money!  And losing TIME can cost you income! Do Not LOAN your Tools.

– Your bills or vendors will not listen when: “I loaned out my liquid, and did not make enough money to pay you…”. Before loaning your products, make sure you have a “back-up”; accidents do happen; only loan out if you have a back-up.

– When you loan out your tools, another Technician may not be as concerned as you are in taking care of your tools.  A Technician may for instance, since they are only using your liquid to apply one or two nails, they may dip their brush into your liquid bottle.  This is the start of contamination.  Or a Technician may forget to cover the powder jar they borrowed, and filing particles can fall into powder jar. 

– If a Technician borrows your brush and forgets to clean it; you get the brush back, but… you need to use the brush immediately!Whoops… you will have to clean the brush first: 10-15 minutes of your TIME is now spent cleaning your brush that you loaned out. TIME is Money, TOOLS make Money.

Simple Rule of Thumb on Loaning tools: Do “Not” Loan Tools!  Your tools are your livelihood, your income, your rent money; and… your Tools make money to buy more tools.


Polish – Expiration or Shelf life…

Polish will usually remain good for up to 2 years, if un-opened and stored in a dark, cool storage area, and not exposed to any large temperature fluctuations.

Once “Polish” has been opened, the aging process starts, and the Polish will last anywhere from 3 months to 10 months when properly stored.

Also note: You can “rejuvenate” your Polish with the Tammy Taylor “Polish Rejuvenator”. 

To be honest here I do look to Tammy Taylor because she do love doing nails and her passion is truly amazing. I have been in s mood lately and I couldn’t understand why & it was because I am not doing what makes me happy and I feel as if the people whom I am surrounded with are doing what their passionate in. So, I am going to take some refresher courses and start doing nails again I’m so excited. Long story short i was watching Tammy Taylor videos and she not only made nails look easy to do but she is a motivation to restart my career as a nail lady. I can’t wait to show you tutorials and video clips of me in my nail world.

Well guys enjoy your rest of your day live life to the fullest. Stay tuned to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog. May God bless you all!

Sincerely, Talia

What’s in your smock/apron?

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Hey Beauties;

I hope all is well with my dollfaces… Well what can I say I feel fashion in the air… That is because Omaha Fashion week has arrived in full affect this is a sure sign to kick those winter blues til the next winter season. Spring is approaching and the birds have unthawed are chipper and chirping.. The forecast is amazingly beautiful… Couldn’t ask for more. No, I haven’t had a chance so far to participate in any of the events but some of the students of xenon academy got to do hair & make up for the lovely models. So, from the top of my lungs I wanna scream Happy Omaha Fashion Week!


I thought it would be fun to do this it’s called what’s in your smock/apron/scrubs to show off the random things we may have in our pockets.


Use this pic above post on social media and then tag your friends.
#tnpbbwiys and I will post them on my instagram account @tnplovesnails

You know guys I have been missing something in my lineup and I am too outdone with myself…

I have not done a Talia says in two weeks my goodness. I am so sorry so sorry. I been working on many projects. I will try to do one tomorrow and post it on Tuesdays TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog..

Well guys this is all i have to blog about… Stay tuned to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Sincerely, Talia

I’m a Natural Hair Diva

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog. I am glad you are joining me today.

So, Today’s topic is about me being a natural hair diva…

What is being natural? It is where no harsh chemicals are changing your hair pattern or texture. Such as relaxers.

I have been natural for two years and when you go natural many people cut off their relaxed parts of their hair and enjoy their new natural hair journey. Me on the other hand I cut my ends and let my hair grow….

Now, since the trend amongst black women is natural hair their are many products to cater to natural hair everyone has their favorite natural hair products and so do I and I am going to share them with you.


Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner by Ogx
Hawaiian Silky Leave in hair conditioner
Ampro Curl Enhancer gel
Ampro shine and jam

I use many products such as redken and kenra products they are also responsible for my lovely defined curls.

My favorite Natural Hair Styles


My wash n’ go

How I achieved this look
After hair is washed please apply Hawaiian Silky
Apply oil to your hair
Apply curl enhancer gel
Apply shine n jam to edges only

Then add your favorite accessory to your hair


My infamous puff

How I achieved this look….

Apply Hawaiian Silky to your hair
Apply your favorite oil hair
Apply Ampro Curl Enhancer gel
Brush hair to a high ponytail
Apply shine n jam
Using a stretchy headband slide it onto your hair then pull the headband around your puff then make sure puff is even using a pick.

Ok I just talked about my favorite natural hair hairstyles now I will talk about my favorite protective hairstyles

Protective styles are styles that you do not need to maintain. And its a style that let your hair rest and grow.

My favorite protective styles are
Up do’s
Sew ins

Honestly, I learned all my tips from @nebraska_naturals on instagram follow them today. Tell them Talia sent you! Plus on their page you may see me featured on their instagram.

Why did I become natural?
Because my hair was damaged from harsh chemicals and heat. Plus I seen the results of my fellow family members of their hair. It was healthy and long. Plus I learned the reason why they became natural and it was very inspiring. My aunt told me the reason why she is natural because black woman back in the 1800-1900’s were told they were not attractive with their hair being kinky, and curly. The word nappy was actually used in a derogatory form when describing my cultures hair. So, that inspired me to become natural. So, me going through this natural hair journey I recognize the beauty in it. Through all the kinks and curls us natural hair girls are all beautiful.

Please stay tuned to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog… Thank you for joining me today.

Sincerely, Talia

Cosmetology School Search

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome back to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog! I am glad you could join me today. I hope all is well with my followers.

Today’s topic how to find the best cosmetology School for you?


The Cosmetology Industry is an exciting career to join in but you have to do the hard part and that’s to enroll and complete school…

But before you do what I explained ⬆⬆⬆ please take this advice. Make a list of things you are wanting to learn while in cosmetology school. Make sure that you can see yourself being in this field. Because I would hate for you to do something you are not passionate about… Reminder, in most cases cosmetology school can run you $20,000 or more… That is an investment my friends. Next, call the school of your choice and set up a tour of the school with admissions. When you go to tour your school make sure you take along your list of things that are important to you to learn while in cosmo school. Take everything in the atmosphere and what was discussed during your school tour and take time to yourself to see if this school is a good fit for you because remember this school of your choice will be your second home for a year or more.

After your tour you will usually schedule another meeting to enroll into school here is where you will deal with financing and you will find grants, fill out a fasfa, and talk about payments. You also need to bring along your tax return to complete the finance appointment. This is needed because this is usually how cosmetology school figure out how much you will get from fasfa and also your tax return is used to figure out how much you will pay each month for school.

Here is the kicker tho… When you miss school or in school longer than expected then you are charged $60/day. So, I understand a couple of missed days are needed but remember this when going to miss school for a day of fun. But if you have more hours then needed financial aid can take away there financial aid grant.

Student life…

In most cases you are representing the school so looking professional is a must. You may have to wear a uniform, black white and gray,or your choice but like I said be professional the way you dress is a reminder of how serious you are taking your new career in cosmetology.

Now, the school I work at the basic students are juniors for 11 weeks and they do not get on the clinic floor until then

After 11 weeks and their hours and grades are up to par they are now an upper junior which means they are more experienced and then they are on the right track to becoming a senior and graduating.

During your life in school you do have a chance to experience going to tradeshows and many people from the cosmetology industry teaching classes from professional product lines.


Next order of business… I know black history is over but this was the most fascinating information that came across my eyes.


Graduated from Annie Turnbo Malone’s Poro College.

Well, guys my blab is so boring today but please stay tuned to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog.

Sincerely, Talia