Jerseylicious Where are they now? (Olivia Blois Sharpe)

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Hey Beauties!

Welcome back to Talia’s Nail Production Beauty Blog! I hope all is well. Glad you are joining me today. I am continuing my Jerseylicious Where are they now? With Olivia?



Olivia Blois Sharpe is the lead make up artist at both Gatsby and Anthony Roberts Salon. Olivia was born and raised in Montville, New Jersey. (Born on September 13, 1987.) 29 years old. She attended Montville Township High School with Jackie Bianchi, who is Olivia’s childhood friend and stylist at Anthony Roberts Salon. Olivia described herself as a feisty tomboy growing up, it wasn’t until middle school that she started to get into makeup and hair. In high school, she would wear sparkly bras exposed with what she was wearing. She was not afraid to be gaudy. She wanted to go to beauty school, but her mother insisted that she goes to college. She went to County College of Morris, where she studied fashion, art history and design. Then she went to beauty school and graduated from Christine Valmy International School of Beauty. Alongside, Olivia mentioned that she loves to sing and loved playing the drums, snowboarding and played alot of sports her community had to offer. She was in many high school plays, joined photography and videography clubs to shine her inner diva and creativity. And she is enjoying life the best she can!

My Review- I love Olivia she was a kid at heart but a fierce fashionista and make up artist. Of course my favorite scene is season 1 where she said, I don’t wanna lose my nails!” It was a make over and Gayle was trying to tone down the looks of Tracy and Olivia. Olivia I feel you boo nails are my everything. As with Tracy there were scenes that I couldn’t handle with Olivia like the fighting it broke my heart because both of these talented souls were at odds and I like them both so it broke my heart.

During Jerseylicious- She was known for her feud with Tracy. But besides that she started working with Gayle at the Gatsby Salon being Alexa’s makeup sidekick. When Olivia wasn’t working she brought life to the party’s she attended and brought life to a make up brush. Her work ethic was truly strong for her age and she was very goal oriented which was very inspiring to me.

What is Ms. Olivia doing now?

Olivia is very active on Instagram I follow her, her Instagram is @ooh_lalaa_Livia her makeup game is still on point. Then, Ms. Olivia has her own clothing boutique and their Instagram page is @two_virgos.

Well guys this is it for the Olivia edition of Jerseylicious where are they now? I hope you guys have a great day!!! Stay tuned to Talia’s Nail Production.



26 thoughts on “Jerseylicious Where are they now? (Olivia Blois Sharpe)

    1. I absolutely love Jerseylicious have almost each season on DVD…. I think these networks were trying to get Jerseylicious but we’re obviously unsuccessful. I absolutely need this show to come back from canceled show graveyard

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    1. Good morning from Omaha, Ne, USA!!! Thank you for visiting my blog site it’s a pleasure that I have a visitor from South Africa visiting my blog I’m blown away. I absolutely love Jerseylicious I have it on DVD it is such a bummer that it doesn’t come on any more and I do love them all they all have characteristics I love about them.

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  1. Hey, its Danielle from south africa…we all watch the rerun of jerseylicious on e- entertainment. We only wish that the show will return with a new season… there are so many people over the world who just loves this show! We would like to see what happened since the show stopped! Please people we need this show back…

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  2. Umm if she was born in 1987 HOW THE HELL IS SHE 25??
    I was born 09/87 and last I checked 10 months ago when this blog was written, I was 28….


    1. I see that you are very upset about a mistake on my blog post. However, it is evident that Olivia is going to be 30 this year boo. Do not think that it is cute to come on my blog and talk recklessly. I do not do keyboard gangsters. You gangbanging on a minor mistake that can be changed.


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