Black Manicurist Collection


Black Manicurist Collection, A Collaborative Collection by Black Beauty Matters & Nails I Do Adore Collection

Today is release day and I would love to show you a sneak peek of Black Manicurist Collection.

Song: Tupac Me Against The World

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Power To The People!



DJ Nail Slay Song of The Month


Hello Beauties!

Welcome to Talia’s Nail Production! I am uber happy it’s February… Black History Month. A time to reflect the contributions black citizens of America have done. Today’s DJ Nail Slay Song Of The Month is…..

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You guys know I have an unhealthy obsession with Remy. I love her! I was introduced to her music I will say when I heard Fat Joe song Take Me Home. From There I was in love! I brought her albums and everything. I am so glad she is putting out music that is reminiscent of the old school hip hop flavor. I love her ugh… Just gushing!

Of course I had to choose this song. I absolutely love it! Melanin Magic brown skin popping. As a child I dealt with hating being a darkskin girl and being bullied, & etc. It wasn’t until I got in my 20’s until I really start loving the skin I’m in.

Melanin Magic is simply about embracing the skin you’re in. No matter what shade of melanin you may be.

Have a Wonderful Black History Month!


Talia’s Nail Production

Talia’s Nail Production Favorite Black History Movies


Happy Black History Month!

I am spilling all my favorite Black Movies. They are in no particular order. I hope you will enjoy them!

🎥The Jackson’s: An American Dream

🎥Coming To America

🎥Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

🎥The Temptations

🎥Paid In Full

🎥Malcolm X (New Favorite)

🎥Panthers (New Favorite)


🎥Beauty Shop

🎥My Nappy Rootz

🎥Good Hair


🎥The Salon

🎥Nora’s Hair Salon

🎥Mo’Nique Hair Show

🎥King (TV Miniseries)


🎥Boyz In The Hood

🎥Straight Outta Compton


🎥The Butler

🎥Madea’s Family Reunion

🎥All Eyez On Me

These movies I chose because they all touch a certain place in my heart. I have many more but I will leave it here.

Thank You For Tuning Into Talia’s Nail Production.