Halloween Nails

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Hey Beauties!

Welcome back to TNPLNBB! I am glad you are joining me today. Well, I am super happy that fall actually is hitting Omaha, Nebraska. Today, I have a treat for you! I have Halloween Nails I hope you like…..


Yes, None other than Samantha Stevens. My mother is a vintage tv show watcher. So, as a child I remember watching Bewitched on TBS Superstation. Samantha was so awesome to me she was half human half witch and she was married to Darren who was a mortal and Samantha’s mother Endora make many appearances and everytime she makes her appearance she mak sures to make Darren’s life a living hell (bahahhahahhaha in my ghoul voice) lol!

I have more halloween nails just wanted to show off one. When doing nail art I realize what I need to do better doing like I should of did Samantha’s mouth differently and I should of did this nail art in acrylic paint which is so much thinner than polish

Tomorrow I will be doing nail art and posting it on TNPLNBB!!! Please stay tuned and thank you for supporting TNPLNBB.