What a day to lose two legends

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Hey Beauties;

This blog is going to be short I just wanted to say how I felt about the two legends that passed today


I woke up to the news Chyna the eighth wonder of the world has passed. That broke my heart in pieces because she was a girl superhero for me…. I remember her debut on WWF I was so proud that there was a woman who took down those massive WWF wrestlers each and every week with no sweat. As many know Chyna had issues with substance abuse and it didn’t matter to me I seen her as the beautiful woman who could beat men up and still be a wonderful woman.


The Legend known as Prince

Prince to me was that person you know that was going to stick around this Earth forever. His music alone was anthems for many people around the globe. To women he was a fashion icon and a idol of musicians because of his musical talents. He played multiple musical instruments, owned rights to his music, was a entrepreneur, actor the list is long for a legend who career is as long as 37 years! Prince will be forever missed may he rest in Peace and Harmony.


Funny story I love this episode of everybody hates Chris where Chris is going to a Halloween party and Chris needed a costume and of course during that time Prince Purple rain was the album and movie just debuted. So, Chris went to the Party as Prince and the episode is funny because of the way Chris was imitating Prince it is hilarious.

But, this is yet another reminder live your life to the fullest. Do what makes you happy and live to the beat of your own drum!