I’m a Natural Hair Diva

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog. I am glad you are joining me today.

So, Today’s topic is about me being a natural hair diva…

What is being natural? It is where no harsh chemicals are changing your hair pattern or texture. Such as relaxers.

I have been natural for two years and when you go natural many people cut off their relaxed parts of their hair and enjoy their new natural hair journey. Me on the other hand I cut my ends and let my hair grow….

Now, since the trend amongst black women is natural hair their are many products to cater to natural hair everyone has their favorite natural hair products and so do I and I am going to share them with you.


Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner by Ogx
Hawaiian Silky Leave in hair conditioner
Ampro Curl Enhancer gel
Ampro shine and jam

I use many products such as redken and kenra products they are also responsible for my lovely defined curls.

My favorite Natural Hair Styles


My wash n’ go

How I achieved this look
After hair is washed please apply Hawaiian Silky
Apply oil to your hair
Apply curl enhancer gel
Apply shine n jam to edges only

Then add your favorite accessory to your hair


My infamous puff

How I achieved this look….

Apply Hawaiian Silky to your hair
Apply your favorite oil hair
Apply Ampro Curl Enhancer gel
Brush hair to a high ponytail
Apply shine n jam
Using a stretchy headband slide it onto your hair then pull the headband around your puff then make sure puff is even using a pick.

Ok I just talked about my favorite natural hair hairstyles now I will talk about my favorite protective hairstyles

Protective styles are styles that you do not need to maintain. And its a style that let your hair rest and grow.

My favorite protective styles are
Up do’s
Sew ins

Honestly, I learned all my tips from @nebraska_naturals on instagram follow them today. Tell them Talia sent you! Plus on their page you may see me featured on their instagram.

Why did I become natural?
Because my hair was damaged from harsh chemicals and heat. Plus I seen the results of my fellow family members of their hair. It was healthy and long. Plus I learned the reason why they became natural and it was very inspiring. My aunt told me the reason why she is natural because black woman back in the 1800-1900’s were told they were not attractive with their hair being kinky, and curly. The word nappy was actually used in a derogatory form when describing my cultures hair. So, that inspired me to become natural. So, me going through this natural hair journey I recognize the beauty in it. Through all the kinks and curls us natural hair girls are all beautiful.

Please stay tuned to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog… Thank you for joining me today.

Sincerely, Talia


Winter Nail Maintenance

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome back to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog! Good Morning I hope all is well and that this is a wonderful start to a beautiful week for you.

Well, I did some recreational reading of my own yesterday while I was off. I read Ebony Magazine it was from November 2014 with Mr. Pharrell Williams on the cover. Let me just say Pharrell had me starring at him for a while then on top of that on the cover he has a chanel necklace I have been admiring for awhile. Look below ⬇⬇


Ok now inside this lovely magazine there was an article inside Ebony called Treat your feet and it was talking about winter maintenance on your feet. Believe me its necessary because your feet is the foundation of your body we need to keep the feet nice and healthy. So, some of today’s celebrity manicurist recommended some products. Here they are below.


Celebrity Manicurist Gina Edwards recommended that you fill your pedicure bowl with warm water then add Clairvoyant Beauty Milk Bath Soak this will help soften feet when you soak. You can purchase clairvoyant beauty milk bath soak at http://www.clairvoyantbeauty.com purchase price is $18


Next, product is Moroccanoil Dry Body Oil Celebrity Manicurist Dawn Sterling advices that after you buff your nails smooth use Moroccanoil to each nail bed it will add a nice shine. To purchase Moroccanoil Dry Body Oil http://www.moroccanoil.com purchase price is $38


Then, there’s come the scrub Celebrity Manicurist Indigo Makong says this scrub is great for feet and legs and all over body.


One of my favorite nail polishes my recollection of using this polish was two years ago this polish is the best you get a rich coat of color when you apply the polish. You can purchase Morgan Taylor polish Ulta.


I love this product I got a sample of this product in Las Vegas when I went to Las Vegas tradeshow Cosmoprof last July. This product does leave your feet feeling baby soft. But Essie always have quality products. Apply EssieSpa Pedicure Feet In the clouds Leg and foot cream at night then seal the moisture with fuzzy socks.


I came up with a winter maintenance pedicure.

Soak feet
Remove polish
Trim and shape nails
Push back cuticles and trim if necessary
Buff toenails and put oil on nail beds
Apply callus remover to the feet if necessary
Remove calluses with foot file
Apply scrub
Apply lotion and massage legs and feet
Dip foot in paraffin bath and wrap foot in plastic
Remove plastic and wax from feet
Remove oils from feet using a cotton ball or lint free wipes and polish remover
Place feet into pedi princess slippers or pedicure slippers
Apply basecoat
Apply colored polish
Apply topcoat
Apply oil to cuticles

Well, guys that is all you have to do to maintain your feet during the winter hope you guys enjoy. If you will like a video please let me know.

Have a great day!


Sincerely, Talia