I have witnessed history!!!

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome to Talia’s Nail Production! Glad you can join me today. 

I am so happy I was apart of witnessing history. Yesterday, here in Omaha, Nebraska I got to see former first lady and secretary of state and Democratic Presidential Nominated Hillary Rodham Clinton. 
I stood in line at 11am til 3:45 and at 5 Hillary arrived with our national treasure in Omaha Mr. Warren Buffet. Yes, I took Pictures…

I warn you please do not believe the hype Hillary Clinton had almost 3300+ people there to see her. So enjoy the photos! 


And then on this fall day we have rain….

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome back to TNPLNBB so honored you are joining me today. I hope all is well with my readers!!!! Thank you so much for supporting me I’m truly blessed beyond measures.

I have something to show u the cutest #nailfie ever.


I love that pose so cute and lady like



I wasn’t able to do any Huskers nails. I was a working and very upset that the huskers lost again. But, Terance Crawford who is a boxer from Omaha, Nebraska who defeated Dierry Jean made me smile oh so bright lol… Next, his next competitor is Manny Pacquio yes, the one Floyd Mayweather defeated twice. My cousin is oh so lucky he is a freelance camera man for HBO boxing, Huskers, and now at the MLB’s World Series. Sheesh the boy stay busy… I’m just waiting on my turn to stay tat busy consistently.


I will be supporting him whether I got to make a trip to Vegas or I will have the biggest fight party ever, mark my words. Omaha is to proud of this champion!!!!

Dancing with the stars…. WTF my three shining stars… So speechless.

Well guys going to end this blog here. Have a great night stay blessed, thanks for supporting TNPLNBB….


Busy As A Blogging Bee!

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Hey beauties;

Welcome back to TNPLNBB! I’m so glad you are joining me on this lovely hot summer day… Really Omaha? You can chill the 90 degree weather out! Anywho how are you guys I hope all is well and that you are enjoying your weekend.

Did you know that it’s cheaper to get plastic surgery done in foreign countries? It’s certainly true honey! Here in America we pay at least 3 times more for a plastic surgery routine. Anytime I hear about plasticsurgery I automatically think back to MTV’s show True Life I am getting plastic surgery pne of the ladies on the show got a grant in order to pay for her breast implants. The reason why I am bringing this up because as you know I am a travel agent and I am considering to provide travel for all women who wants to enhance their beauty. I’ve been doing lots of research.

So, this weekend my sister went to homecoming and I did her nails. So, after I did her nails I ended up doing more nail art I hope you’ll like what I did.




Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my blog today. Stay tuned for more TNPLNBB! Thanks for your support.


My hair care regimen

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome back to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog. I am glad you’re joining me today! This week definitely flew by geez!

So, I have been getting a lot of feed back regarding my natural hair and what’s MY regimen so I will be telling you today.

So wash day I use coconut shampoo and conditioner


I wash my hair once a month and I only wash my hair once I know people say wash YOUR hair twice but I DON’T because I feel like it strips my hair of it’s natural oils. I dry my hair with a t-shirt because a bath towel will cause frizzy hair and split ends. Who has time for that buffoonery? Not I!

After washing and conditioning hair I use a rat tail comb to part my hair put my hair into four ponytails once hair is into 4 sections I put Hawaiian Silky Leave in conditioner on my hair then use the wide tooth comb to comb my hair start combing hair from the bottom to the top its much easier. Once that section of hair is combed out put oil of your choice onto hair then i braid my hair into to strand braids and then i clip any fray hair then i pull my braids and snip those dead ends.





I wear my natural out for a couple of weeks. Then, I wear my protective styles for a month or so & then start my hair care regimen again.

Protective hair styles are styles where you are protecting you natural hair from everyday wear & tear damage.

Here are some of my protective styles




My hair has grown like a weed with this regimen & when you start a hair care regimen it will take time to customize your own routine but when you figure out what works for you you and your hair will be happy and healthy.

Well, guys this is all for this blog today. I can’t wait to blog with you more i have so much to talk about.

Sincerely, Talia

I’m a Natural Hair Diva

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog. I am glad you are joining me today.

So, Today’s topic is about me being a natural hair diva…

What is being natural? It is where no harsh chemicals are changing your hair pattern or texture. Such as relaxers.

I have been natural for two years and when you go natural many people cut off their relaxed parts of their hair and enjoy their new natural hair journey. Me on the other hand I cut my ends and let my hair grow….

Now, since the trend amongst black women is natural hair their are many products to cater to natural hair everyone has their favorite natural hair products and so do I and I am going to share them with you.


Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner by Ogx
Hawaiian Silky Leave in hair conditioner
Ampro Curl Enhancer gel
Ampro shine and jam

I use many products such as redken and kenra products they are also responsible for my lovely defined curls.

My favorite Natural Hair Styles


My wash n’ go

How I achieved this look
After hair is washed please apply Hawaiian Silky
Apply oil to your hair
Apply curl enhancer gel
Apply shine n jam to edges only

Then add your favorite accessory to your hair


My infamous puff

How I achieved this look….

Apply Hawaiian Silky to your hair
Apply your favorite oil hair
Apply Ampro Curl Enhancer gel
Brush hair to a high ponytail
Apply shine n jam
Using a stretchy headband slide it onto your hair then pull the headband around your puff then make sure puff is even using a pick.

Ok I just talked about my favorite natural hair hairstyles now I will talk about my favorite protective hairstyles

Protective styles are styles that you do not need to maintain. And its a style that let your hair rest and grow.

My favorite protective styles are
Up do’s
Sew ins

Honestly, I learned all my tips from @nebraska_naturals on instagram follow them today. Tell them Talia sent you! Plus on their page you may see me featured on their instagram.

Why did I become natural?
Because my hair was damaged from harsh chemicals and heat. Plus I seen the results of my fellow family members of their hair. It was healthy and long. Plus I learned the reason why they became natural and it was very inspiring. My aunt told me the reason why she is natural because black woman back in the 1800-1900’s were told they were not attractive with their hair being kinky, and curly. The word nappy was actually used in a derogatory form when describing my cultures hair. So, that inspired me to become natural. So, me going through this natural hair journey I recognize the beauty in it. Through all the kinks and curls us natural hair girls are all beautiful.

Please stay tuned to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog… Thank you for joining me today.

Sincerely, Talia