#Early Christmas Shopping

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome back to TNPLNBB super happy you are joining me today. I hope your day was beyond great. Soooo let jump right into it.

I have officially started my christmas shopping today yayyyyyyy!!!!!! I hate last min shopping and stay up all hours to wrap presents. So, I decided to be a forward thinking lady… So, this holiday I can give back to the community and to do more nails and trendy nail art.

Welll, I did watch DWTS and I don’t know where to start! My top three are shining bright on that leader board. So, last night the dancing couples had 3 dances to learn first was the original dance in which was dedicated to people who inspired the celebrities and the other were to prepare themselves for the dance off…. Want my opinion? Ok… I’m not usually a hater but damn could Carrie Ann Inaba at least pretend that she like Tamar? Let me explain… Tamar and Val killed the dance off and when it came down to judge the couples Carrie Ann Inaba chose Alexa and her partner. Welll, Ms. Carrie Ann Inaba was severely pissed when Julianne and Bruno chose Tamar…. I wish I had a screenshot honey I felt that shade. Plus, Tamar disclosed that she did not have that much confidence when she danced and when Tamar said to herself she is probably the best dancer she know on this show. She said that not to be cocky but to give herself confidence that she can face the challenges that are thrown her way. I felt as if people love when Tamar is vulnerable and please explain to me how that is effective when you are in a competition, when you have to be focused non stop. Don’t worry I’ll wait until I get an answer.

Ok guys! Nail art time! As you know the rapper and westcoast rap pioneer the game has a new album out called Documentary two so to represent I did these babies.


These are bandana nails on the ring fingers…

What I used

Broadway white nail polish
And light blue nail art pen.
CND Vinylux Topcoat

Well, guys I am going to end this blog here. Enjoy your night. May God bless you all.


Talia Ferrell


And then on this fall day we have rain….

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome back to TNPLNBB so honored you are joining me today. I hope all is well with my readers!!!! Thank you so much for supporting me I’m truly blessed beyond measures.

I have something to show u the cutest #nailfie ever.


I love that pose so cute and lady like



I wasn’t able to do any Huskers nails. I was a working and very upset that the huskers lost again. But, Terance Crawford who is a boxer from Omaha, Nebraska who defeated Dierry Jean made me smile oh so bright lol… Next, his next competitor is Manny Pacquio yes, the one Floyd Mayweather defeated twice. My cousin is oh so lucky he is a freelance camera man for HBO boxing, Huskers, and now at the MLB’s World Series. Sheesh the boy stay busy… I’m just waiting on my turn to stay tat busy consistently.


I will be supporting him whether I got to make a trip to Vegas or I will have the biggest fight party ever, mark my words. Omaha is to proud of this champion!!!!

Dancing with the stars…. WTF my three shining stars… So speechless.

Well guys going to end this blog here. Have a great night stay blessed, thanks for supporting TNPLNBB….