Are you appreciative of your clients?

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Hey Beauties;

Welcome back to TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog! I am glad you are joining me today. I am feeling like a chocolate icicle I should be use to this weather but in my mind I feel like each winter gets more colder.

So, Today’s topic is are you appreciative of your clients? I have been having a problem on my mind and my heart about this issue. I feel as if we should take the time to be as pleasant as possible to our client’s. You client’s are your foundation of your business running smoothly. So, here’s the situation my mother was at a local salon waiting on my baby sister to finish up her service. Majority of my family are natural which means no chemicals are used in our hair to change its texture or pattern. The service is just a regular roller set. My mother ask a front desk rep a question and the rep just turned her back and walked away as if my mother was invisible. So, my mom said ok i’m going to let it go. Next, when my mother go to pay for my sister service at the front desk. The rep rings my mom up and told her an outrageous total and my mom spoke up because the service that my sister got was the same that was quoted on the brochure. So, the rep said ma’am I can call the director and get this figured out…. So, the rep called the director and the director gets to the front desk and said the service my sister got was actually a press and curl instead of a roller set and she said that the reason why she was charged that amount because magnetic rollers was used and the amount of time that it took to do the service. The director said I will let you get away with paying the price for the roller set but keep in mind you will be charged this for future reference.

For one…. What is a magnetic roller?
Then, why at this salon natural hair services for African Americans not recognized?
Next, why don’t this salon don’t know all trends for each culture?
Lastly, I can careless if this situation happened to my mom anybody that get treated like this and spend their hardworking money at your establishment you need to worship the ground they walk on until they leave the salon doors. Customer services goes a long way if you are pleasant and that is only real.

I told you I had a lot to say about this issue.

On the happier side of things….

I am so excited about going to Zumba next Monday! I have been looking into becoming an instructor. Never have I been so excited about exercising at all. I love it. I used to be in drill team so the moves from Zumba are almost equivalent to the moves to drill team.

So of course I have a Talia Says. Enjoy!!


My blab was informative! Remember these key points and you will be the best practitioner to your clients.

Thanks for reading TNP Loves Nails Beauty Blog stay tuned for more and please enjoy your weekend.

Sincerely, Talia