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Today’s topic how to find the best cosmetology School for you?


The Cosmetology Industry is an exciting career to join in but you have to do the hard part and that’s to enroll and complete school…

But before you do what I explained ⬆⬆⬆ please take this advice. Make a list of things you are wanting to learn while in cosmetology school. Make sure that you can see yourself being in this field. Because I would hate for you to do something you are not passionate about… Reminder, in most cases cosmetology school can run you $20,000 or more… That is an investment my friends. Next, call the school of your choice and set up a tour of the school with admissions. When you go to tour your school make sure you take along your list of things that are important to you to learn while in cosmo school. Take everything in the atmosphere and what was discussed during your school tour and take time to yourself to see if this school is a good fit for you because remember this school of your choice will be your second home for a year or more.

After your tour you will usually schedule another meeting to enroll into school here is where you will deal with financing and you will find grants, fill out a fasfa, and talk about payments. You also need to bring along your tax return to complete the finance appointment. This is needed because this is usually how cosmetology school figure out how much you will get from fasfa and also your tax return is used to figure out how much you will pay each month for school.

Here is the kicker tho… When you miss school or in school longer than expected then you are charged $60/day. So, I understand a couple of missed days are needed but remember this when going to miss school for a day of fun. But if you have more hours then needed financial aid can take away there financial aid grant.

Student life…

In most cases you are representing the school so looking professional is a must. You may have to wear a uniform, black white and gray,or your choice but like I said be professional the way you dress is a reminder of how serious you are taking your new career in cosmetology.

Now, the school I work at the basic students are juniors for 11 weeks and they do not get on the clinic floor until then

After 11 weeks and their hours and grades are up to par they are now an upper junior which means they are more experienced and then they are on the right track to becoming a senior and graduating.

During your life in school you do have a chance to experience going to tradeshows and many people from the cosmetology industry teaching classes from professional product lines.


Next order of business… I know black history is over but this was the most fascinating information that came across my eyes.


Graduated from Annie Turnbo Malone’s Poro College.

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