Busy As A Blogging Bee!

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Hey beauties;

Welcome back to TNPLNBB! I’m so glad you are joining me on this lovely hot summer day… Really Omaha? You can chill the 90 degree weather out! Anywho how are you guys I hope all is well and that you are enjoying your weekend.

Did you know that it’s cheaper to get plastic surgery done in foreign countries? It’s certainly true honey! Here in America we pay at least 3 times more for a plastic surgery routine. Anytime I hear about plasticsurgery I automatically think back to MTV’s show True Life I am getting plastic surgery pne of the ladies on the show got a grant in order to pay for her breast implants. The reason why I am bringing this up because as you know I am a travel agent and I am considering to provide travel for all women who wants to enhance their beauty. I’ve been doing lots of research.

So, this weekend my sister went to homecoming and I did her nails. So, after I did her nails I ended up doing more nail art I hope you’ll like what I did.




Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my blog today. Stay tuned for more TNPLNBB! Thanks for your support.