Talia’s Nail Production DJ Nail Slay Trap Music Playlist


Hey Beauties!

Happy March!

DJ Nail Slay is back again….

With a playlist!!!

Click on the link below!

Talia’s Nail Production DJ Nail Slay Trap Music Playlist

I will be adding new music of the past and present to the playlist. Genre’s of Rap & R&B. Enjoy!!!


Black Manicurist Collection


Black Manicurist Collection, A Collaborative Collection by Black Beauty Matters & Nails I Do Adore Collection

Today is release day and I would love to show you a sneak peek of Black Manicurist Collection.

Song: Tupac Me Against The World

Purchase Black Manicurist Collection


Power To The People!


DJ Nail Slay Song of The Month


Hello Beauties!

Welcome to Talia’s Nail Production! I am uber happy it’s February… Black History Month. A time to reflect the contributions black citizens of America have done. Today’s DJ Nail Slay Song Of The Month is…..

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You guys know I have an unhealthy obsession with Remy. I love her! I was introduced to her music I will say when I heard Fat Joe song Take Me Home. From There I was in love! I brought her albums and everything. I am so glad she is putting out music that is reminiscent of the old school hip hop flavor. I love her ugh… Just gushing!

Of course I had to choose this song. I absolutely love it! Melanin Magic brown skin popping. As a child I dealt with hating being a darkskin girl and being bullied, & etc. It wasn’t until I got in my 20’s until I really start loving the skin I’m in.

Melanin Magic is simply about embracing the skin you’re in. No matter what shade of melanin you may be.

Have a Wonderful Black History Month!


Talia’s Nail Production

Talia’s Nail Production Favorite Black History Movies


Happy Black History Month!

I am spilling all my favorite Black Movies. They are in no particular order. I hope you will enjoy them!

πŸŽ₯The Jackson’s: An American Dream

πŸŽ₯Coming To America

πŸŽ₯Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

πŸŽ₯The Temptations

πŸŽ₯Paid In Full

πŸŽ₯Malcolm X (New Favorite)

πŸŽ₯Panthers (New Favorite)


πŸŽ₯Beauty Shop

πŸŽ₯My Nappy Rootz

πŸŽ₯Good Hair


πŸŽ₯The Salon

πŸŽ₯Nora’s Hair Salon

πŸŽ₯Mo’Nique Hair Show

πŸŽ₯King (TV Miniseries)


πŸŽ₯Boyz In The Hood

πŸŽ₯Straight Outta Compton


πŸŽ₯The Butler

πŸŽ₯Madea’s Family Reunion

πŸŽ₯All Eyez On Me

These movies I chose because they all touch a certain place in my heart. I have many more but I will leave it here.

Thank You For Tuning Into Talia’s Nail Production.

DJ Nail Slay Song of The Month


Hey Beauties!!!

Welcome to Talia’s Nail Production & Happy New Years….

Today I got my Song of the Month! 

This young lady is the daughter of Retired NBA Star Kenny Anderson & Basketball Wives & Comedienne Tami Roman. Her name is Jazz Anderson. I love her music it’s very mellow low key chilling at the salon music. Great for driving long distances or just having a good motivating vibe. 

Here’s The Video:

Jazz Anderson All I Want

Follow Jazz Anderson on Instagram @jazzanderson 

Listen to the rest of her dope music especially new single “Round The Way”.

Sending my love to you all!!! 

Enjoy! & I will being you a new song next month.

Talia’s Kwanzamas List


10. Felio Siby Pink Mini Danya

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9. Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture Curl Enhancement Shampoo & Conditioner

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8. K3met Design Clothing Egyptian Goddess T-Shirt

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7. Nail or Hair Magazine

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6. Nail Design 101 Magazine

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5. Chocolate Chick Tees

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4. Kazmaleje

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3. O’So Dollish Nail Polish

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2. Finger Bang Nail Polish

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1. Skin of Diamonds Beauty Bars & Diamond Body Polish

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A Very Merry Kwanzamas Talia’s Nail Production Favorite TV Shows & Movies


πŸŽ…A Christmas Story

πŸŽ…The Christmas List

πŸŽ…This Christmas 

πŸŽ…Madea Christmas

πŸŽ…Arthur’s Perfect Christmas

πŸŽ…Will & Grace S4 E12

πŸŽ…Will & Grace S5 E11

πŸŽ…Will & Grace S7 E12

πŸŽ…Will & Grace S8 E9

πŸŽ…Family Matters S2 E13

πŸŽ…Family Matters S4 E10

πŸŽ…Family Matters S5 E11

πŸŽ…Family Matters S6 E11

πŸŽ…Family Matters S7 E11

πŸŽ…Family Matters S8 E13

πŸŽ…Family Matters S9 E11

πŸŽ…Fresh Prince of Bel Air S1 E15

πŸŽ…Fresh Prince of Bel Air S2 E13

πŸŽ…Fresh Prince of Bel Air S4 E13

πŸŽ…A Different World S5 E12

πŸŽ…A Different World S6 E13

πŸŽ…Full House S2 E9

πŸŽ…Full House S6 E12

πŸŽ…Full House S8 E11

πŸŽ…Sister, Sister S3 E12

πŸŽ…Reba S2 E10

πŸŽ…A Diva’s Christmas Carol

πŸŽ…Proud Family S1 E11

πŸŽ…Boy Meets World S6 E11

πŸŽ…Saved By The Bell S3 E24

πŸŽ…Saved By The Bell S3 E25 

πŸŽ…Friday After Next

πŸŽ…Martin S1 E15

πŸŽ…Martin S2 E15

πŸŽ…Martin S3 E13

πŸŽ…Martin S5 E10

πŸŽ…Roseanne S4 E12

πŸŽ…Roseanne S5 E12

πŸŽ…Roseanne S6 E12 

πŸŽ…The Nanny S1 E8

πŸŽ…The Nanny S6 E10

πŸŽ…Good Times S5 E12

πŸŽ…Good Times S6 E13

πŸŽ…The Anna Nicole Show S1 E14

πŸŽ…A Dream For Christmas 

πŸŽ…Girl Meets World S1 E15

πŸŽ…Golden Girls S2 E11

πŸŽ… National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

πŸŽ… Home Alone 2